Experts from around the UK gather for Harefield Hospital’s annual primary angioplasty conference

More than 120 delegates gathered at Harefield Hospital last week for the sixth annual Harefield Primary Angioplasty conference.

“This is the sixth year and our best turnout ever. We always aim to make it as interactive as possible and accessible to everyone from the most experienced cardiologists and ambulance officers to junior doctors, staff nurses and non-clinical staff,” said Dr Miles Dalby, course director.

The theme of this year’s conference is “Acute coronary syndromes and the patient journey” with the first day’s focus on pre-hospital care, looking at what is done by ambulance teams prior to arrival at heart attack centres such as Harefield and integration with the catheter lab teams.

Two live sessions were screened as they took place in one of Harefield’s catheter labs. An audio feed allowed clinicians to give patient history and discuss the cases as the procedures were being done.

Delegates saw live procedures performed by consultant interventional cardiologist and course co-director, Dr Rob Smith, and by consultant cardiologist, Dr Richard Grocott-Mason.

Dr Dalby said: “The live presentations have been a key to the conference from the start. They provide an excellent opportunity to show procedures in real time giving insight into catheter lab protocols and techniques, including interventional PCI and stenting in the acute setting.”


17 September 2012