Outpatient and diagnostic services

We offer world-class heart and lung care for private patients at our dedicated facility in the renowned Harley Street Medical Area.

Changes to services due to coronavirus (COVID-19): 

To help prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), your outpatient appointment may be replaced with a telephone or video consultation, or postponed to a later date. If this is the case, we will let you know by phone, text message or post, so please make sure you check your usual method of communication with us. The decision to delay, or use telephone or video appointments is being made by the clinical team involved in your care. Thank you for your understanding. 

77 Wimpole Street Diagnostics and Outpatients is still open for clinically urgent and some diagnostic testing. We have taken extra measures to reduce the risk for patients and staff through the use of extra personal protective equipment for staff, social distancing in any shared waiting areas, a symptom check station on arrival and thorough cleaning of all equipment and environs.  

Please see below for changes to diagnostic services at 77 Wimpole Street:

Services operating as usual: 

  • Cardiac MRI and general MRI 
  • CT (general and cardiac)
  • PET-CT FDG and Rubidium 
  • Echo and exercise/pharmacological stress
  • ECG (remote ECG service is now also available) 
  • X-ray 
  • Non-invasive cardiology including ETT & CPET 
  • Lung Function
  • Sleep studies 
  • Nursing –consultations, bloods etc. 
  • Private consulting rooms remain open for urgent face to face appointments


  • FeNO – not currently available

For referrals, please complete the diagnostic referral form as usual. 



Watch the video below to find out more about what we offer at 77 Wimpole Street:

Specialist expertise

Our clinical staff and consultants work together to deliver excellence in heart and lung care.

In our smart and modern building, we offer outpatient appointments and consultations with leading cardiologists and respiratory specialists, across adult and paediatrics, at a time that suits you.

We offer appointments regarding:

  • cardiology
  • cardiac surgery
  • respiratory medicine
  • thoracic surgery
  • paediatric care
  • general medicine
  • health screening.

Diagnostic images and testing

If you are looking for a diagnosis, or need to have a test or scan to check up on a cardiac or respiratory problem, then we are here to help. Rapid access appointments are available at 77 Wimpole Street for private and international patients.

Our new building features the latest technology and the highest quality equipment. 

Diagnostic facilities

  • echocardiography
  • electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) imaging
  • positron emission tomography - computed tomography (PET-CT)
  • computed tomography (CT) - cardiac and general
  • lung function
  • chest x-ray.

The PET-CT scanner offers advanced imaging capabilities for cardiac conditions. We also offer Cardiac PET Imaging with rubidium — an advanced diagnostic tool which is available at a limited number of centres across the UK.

Monitoring services

  • remote home 
  • blood pressure 
  • ECG monitoring (24 hour to 7-day)
  • cardiopulmonary exercise testing (MVO2)
  • blood gas monitoring
  • forced exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO) testing, for asthma
  • exercise tolerance test
  • pacing service. 

Our diagnostics team can also run full reporting services for health providers, to support their private clinics with a fast and efficient service.

Diagnostic test in progress


Many of our experts from Royal Brompton Hospital and Harefield Hospital also offer clinics at 77 Wimpole Street, for heart screening and for inherited cardiac conditions. 

Heart screening

A heart screening assessment will check the health of your heart and detect the early signs of any heart problems.

This is offered by leading cardiologists and specialist cardiac nurses.

> Find out more about heart screening

Inherited cardiac conditions

We are a specialist centre for the diagnosis and management of inherited cardiac conditions (ICC). Our multi-disciplinary team includes cardiologists, surgeons, genetic counsellors and specialist nurses.

The team manage all types of inherited heart disease including:

  • aortopathy - disease of the aorta
  • cardiomyopathy - disease of the heart muscle
  • hypercholesterolemia - very high levels of cholesterol in the blood
  • channelopathy - genetic alterations affecting the ion channels in the heart 
  • pulmonary hypertension - increased blood pressure in the arteries of the lungs.

> Find out more about ICCs

Referring a patient

A quick diagnosis will ensure patients are on the best treatment path as soon as possible.

Our friendly customer services team can advise which consultant could be best suited to your patient's healthcare needs.

If you're a medical professional, it’s easy to refer one of your patients to us. Just complete and submit the relevant referral form – for imaging, cardiology or respiratory.

> Find out more about referring a patient

Opening times

77 Wimpole Street is open for outpatient appointments from: 

  • 8am to 6pm on Monday to Friday
  • It is no longer open on Saturdays.

To make life easier for you, we can schedule consultations and multiple tests on the same day, at the same location.

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