77 Wimpole Street

RB&HH Specialist Care Outpatients and Diagnostics at 77 Wimpole Street, is located in the renowned Harley Street Medical Area. Below is an overview of the facilities and services available.

Our Services

At 77 Wimpole street, in addition to consultations with Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospital’s leading  cardiologists and respiratory specialists we offer a number of key services.  These include the extension of our Inherited Cardiac Conditions Clinic, Heart Screening Clinic and Advanced Diagnostic Imaging.

Notably, we are offering Cardiac PET Imaging with Rubidium – an advanced diagnostic tool which is available in a limited number of centres across the UK and London. Diagnostic tests also include MRI, CT, lung function, chest x-ray and monitoring services.

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Our Facilities

Patient in PET Suite at Wimpole

Our Outpatients and Diagnostics is open 6 days a week. Consultations and multiple diagnostics tests can be scheduled on the same day, at the same location removing the need for multiple appointments or unnecessary travel.

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Your patient’s care is of paramount importance to us and a faster diagnosis will ensure patients are on the best treatment path sooner.

If you have an enquiry for the diagnostics booking team, please call: 0207 351 8186. Our lines are open between 8am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Please find full referral details, including Imaging, Cardiology and Respiratory referral forms on the link below.

How to refer to 77 Wimpole Street.


Visiting Us


Located in the Harley Street Medical Area, 77 Wimpole Street is well connected by public transport. You’ll find our map and easy to follow directions on the link below.

We look forward to welcoming you.


Map, directions and parking for 77 Wimpole Street.


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