Our Facilities

Great care has been taken in the planning of our new location.  The latest diagnostic equipment, a calm and comfortable environment and accessible facilities is just one part of our service offering.

Consulting Rooms

77 Wimpole Street Consulting Rooms Our consulting rooms provide a welcoming environment for our patients’ initial and follow-up appointments. We offer same-day and short notice appointments with Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals’ leading consultants across both adult and paediatric specialities.  Patients have the flexibility to choose appointment times that best suit them.


Our consulting rooms are located on floors one, two and four and can be accessed by the main stairwell or the lift.


Patient in PET Scanner at 77 Wimpole StreetUtilising the latest diagnostic equipment, our specialist imaging team is available to report across; MRI for both cardiac and general assessment; PET-CT including cardiac, oncological and neurological; CT across cardiac, lung and general and Chest X-ray.

Our facilities include one of only 2 PET scanners that can provide Rubidium Cardiac Imaging located in the UK – offering advanced cardiac diagnostic capabilities and less radiation burden to patients.

Our imaging facilities and services are located across the ground and lower ground floors. 

Non-Invasive Cardiology

Patient in Exercise Test at 77 Wimpole St

Our non-invasive cardiology facilities have been specially set-up to ensure patient comfort whilst being assessed. In this dedicated facility we are able to undertake resting ECGs, Exercise Tolerance Tests and Cardiopulmonary Exercise Tests. Additionally we provide a holter monitoring service and can fit patients with ECG and Blood Pressure recorders.

Our non-invasive cardiology room is located on floor one.


feature-image-02Cardiac echos are an important diagnostic and management tool for heart disease. In addition to standard echos our team have the facilities to provide Exercise Stress Echo, Pharmacological Stress Echo, Saline Contrast Study and Ultrasound Contrast Studies.

Our Echocardiography suite is located on floor one.


 Lung Function

Lung function testAt 77 Wimpole street we have the ability to run full Lung Function Tests for respiratory patients.

Procedures include Spirometry, Gas Transfer, Lung Volumes, and End Capillary Blood Gases.




Treatment Rooms

Girl-and-nurseOur specialist nursing team are skilled in managing cardiac and respiratory conditions. In addition to providing patients support in the management of their health, our nursing team run heart screening assessments and monitor fittings sessions.

Our facilities include two treatment rooms offering privacy and comfort during your care.

The treatment rooms are located on floors one and two.



All floors at 77 Wimpole Street are accessible via the stairs or lift. Toilet facilities are located on every floor.  An accessible toilet and baby change facilities are located on the ground floor.