Royal Brompton Hospital is an internationally-recognised centre for the surgical treatment of neonatal and infant congenital heart disease. Our paediatric work covers respiratory medicine, cardiology, foetal cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery.

Babies and children are cared for in our specialist paediatric unit. This offers play and schoolrooms and is specially designed to minimise the unease children and their parents might feel when staying in a hospital.

Our children’s intensive care unit is also located here, offering immediate accessibility 24 hours a day.  In the recent national assessment of services for children we achieved an ‘excellent’ rating, and our foetal cardiology service has recently been expanded. To ensure proximity to your child, throughout the duration of their treatment, we have accommodation for parents located on the floor above the children’s ward and in other parts of the hospital.

Foetal Cardiology

RB&HH operates the largest foetal cardiology service in the UK, with five specialist cardiologists.  We offer prenatal ultrasound scans from as early as 12 weeks and a range of diagnostic procedures to diagnose heart problems and congenital heart defects. As experts in their field, our consultants lecture worldwide on prenatal screening for heart disease, and participate in a number of global research projects.

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Paediatric Cardiac Surgery and Cardiology

Royal Brompton Hospital offers a full range of diagnostic and surgical interventions to treat paediatric heart conditions (including various types of ‘holes in the heart’). We offer cardiac catheterisation procedures to help diagnose heart conditions by taking detailed images of the heart. We also offer a cardiac murmur clinic for children with suspected heart murmurs. Children on the ward are cared for by dedicated paediatric nurses with support from cardiac nurse specialists.

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As the largest national referral centre for children with heart rhythm problems, Royal Brompton Hospital offers a full range of transcatheter and pacing interventions to diagnose and treat cardiac arrhythmias in children. Consultants at Royal Brompton Hospital have undertaken more paediatric electrophysiology procedures than any other healthcare organisation in the UK. We also offer specialist clinics for certain problems, including Brugada syndrome.

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Respiratory Medicine

From congenital lung malformation to difficult asthma cases, primary ciliary dyskinesia to bronchiectasis, our team of expert consultants treat all types of paediatric respiratory conditions.

We are Europe’s leading centre for the treatment of paediatric cystic fibrosis and one of a small number of centres to provide domiciliary ventilation support. Our specialist diagnostic tests include flexible bronchoscopy, high resolution CT scanning, lung function tests, sweat testing, gastro-osesophageal reflux and allergy tests. We also provide non-invasive ventilation and sleep studies for children who have difficulty breathing during the night time.

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Sleep Studies

Respiratory sleep disorders are a common health problem in children. During sleep, children with conditions such as sleep apnoea, oversized tonsils, muscular dystrophy and troublesome snoring will experience a decrease in oxygen levels and increase in carbon dioxide levels causing disrupted sleep patterns and poor quality sleep.

The results can be wide ranging, including effects on brain development, the heart and blood vessels metabolism and even the immune system.

Royal Brompton Hospital offers comprehensive evaluation and care for children with sleep and sleep-related disorders, including non-invasive ventilation and treatment using CPAP machines.

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