World-leading consultants

Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals are home to some of the world's most talented physicians and surgeons.

Central to our success is our ability to attract consultant from around the globe whose combined expertise enables us to lead the way in our specialist field of heart and lung treatment.

As well as travelling internationally to lecture and share their knowledge, our clinicians hold prominent positions on influential boards, committees, institutions and professional associations.

Inpatients are visited by their consultant every day while on the ward.

Specialist medical care

Our nurses are specifically trained in caring for patients with heart and lung illnesses and over 70 of them are highly qualified nurse specialists.

Supporting the work of the nursing staff are our resident medical officers (RMOs), who are qualified doctors who work closely with the nursing team and each patient’s consultant, implementing treatment plans.

Ancillary staff, such as physiotherapists and pharmacists, are readily available for inpatients.

Catering and hospitality

Patients also benefit from our comprehensive catering and cleaning service. Located on the ward itself, chefs in our kitchen cook food to order. They are able to cater for cultural, religious and other special dietary requirements.

International patient coordinators and interpreters

As an internationally-renowned hospital, we regularly treat patients from across the globe.

We recognise that being away from home in a different environment can be worrying and stressful. That's why we take extra care to ensure that international patients and their families are well looked after.

Our dedicated team of international patient coordinators are fluent in Arabic and help ensure that the patient's cultural, religious and language needs are met. If other languages are required, we make sure that a professional interpreter is present.