I’d be delighted to let the staff know that I was very nervous as to what to expect in an office that was not in the US. I was treated with great kindness and efficiency. I truly felt as I went from X-ray to the Doctor to bloodwork that my comfort and getting me healthy and back to enjoying London was as important to them as it was to me. The facility is truly amazing. I felt it was more like a home than a medical facility. My friends will never believe me!

I highly recommend this facility, their staff and Dr Mann for all international travelers!

Mrs T.S., Michigan, USA - Outpatient at 77 Wimpole Street

I’d like to say a big thank you for all the care and kindness during our stay over 3 weeks at Harefield. We have experienced many top hospitals in the USA and Germany, but none exceed the expertise and quality of your medical and nursing staff – they are unsurpassable. Thanks also to your admin team who have made the whole experience “top class” – the room and food were excellent, and we were amazed to even find a multi-faith prayer room!

Mr Abdul Rehman Al Teneiju, son of UAE thoracic surgery patient at Harefield Hospital

The nursing staff and physios are all very kind and caring, they always make time for you if you need to talk. They made my stay lot more relaxing than I thought it would be.

Mrs Kathleen Rose

I would, without a doubt, recommend Royal Brompton to other patients. My surgeon was highly skilled, eloquent but also very down to earth. The entire referral process was very well organised and the staff helpful and friendly. I now have a whole new lease of life!

David Busby, a 66-year-old patient treated for lung metastases
David Busby, a 66-year-old patient treated for lung metastases

I would recommend Royal Brompton Hospital in a heartbeat! Definitely the most amazing hospital that I have ever visited in every respect.”

Mrs Diana Maria

Our experience at Harefield Hospital through such a difficult time was made easier thanks to the combined effort of both the customer service team and the doctors. Regular visits to my room helped us feel at home, whilst ongoing support and encouragement spurred on my recovery.

Mrs Alkaffari, valve repair patient from Saudi Arabia

It is like a miracle has happened, from being so ill to coming back to life. If I had not sought a second opinion from consultants at Royal Brompton, I would not be alive today. I can breathe again, walk up the stairs. I can even go back to kick-boxing!

Lisa Brown, a 41-year-old patient treated for emphysema

On behalf of our entire family I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Royal Brompton and Harefield Specialist Care. The care we received was great! ‎From responding to my many emails to answering my calls, their team were very helpful and accommodating.

Our son, Yusuf is doing very well. In fact, this weekend we are travelling to Disneyland Paris so that Yusuf can meet Mickey and friends!

Mr Yusuf-Kwande from Nigeria, father of 2 year-old heart patient, Yusuf.

A thank you note to Annalisa, Customer Service Administrator at Harefield Hospital:

‘Thank you’ seems like such a small word in comparison to your support and kindness. It has been such a stressful period in our life but you managed to calm us down and give us the strength we never knew we had. You made the process for my dad’s operation go so seamlessly. I had heard that angels come in different forms and you truly are ‘our guiding angel’! We will never forget you – your always sunny disposition is an inspiration!

Sonal, daughter of heart bypass patient at Harefield Hospital.

I have to say that my experience at Royal Brompton was amazing. It definitely lives up to its reputation of being the best heart and lung hospital in the world.

Throughout my hospitalisation, the Cardiac Surgical Team, including my consultant, visited every day, explaining everything and ensuring I was receiving the best treatment and care. The nursing staff – both on the ward and in the intensive care and high dependency units – were world class!

Valerie Sarin, heart patient from Shropshire
Valerie Sarin, heart patient from Shropshire