Unexplained Breathlessness

Everyone feels out of breath at some time. You may become out of breath after heavy physical activity or extreme effort such as walking briskly uphill or cycling fast. This is the sort of breathlessness you might expect and can control.  Breathlessness may also be referred to as dyspnoea by health care professionals.

Acute, or short-term, breathlessness can come on suddenly. It usually requires immediate testing or treatment. There are many underlying problems connected to lack of breathing, but not all of them are due to lung problems.

What we offer

Our specialist team provide a comprehensive, one-stop assessment to find out the cause of your breathlessness. The multi-disciplinary team’s experience combined with advanced tests, ensures we can investigate the cause of your problems and apply a specialised approach to help improve and treat your symptoms.

Our consultants that specialise in this field include:

The Royal Brompton Hospital

Harefield Hospital

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