Lung Treatments

Royal Brompton and Harefield Specialist Care provides a range of treatments for lung conditions, including pioneering minimally invasive procedures and complex thoracic surgery.

We are a major centre for lung, chest and oesophageal cancers and non malignant thoracic surgery, with more than 2,300 inpatients cared for each year. Our consultants use some of the most sophisticated and advanced techniques available, often performing successful operations on patients with ‘inoperable’ cancers.

Our multi-disciplinary team includes surgeons, histopathologists, radiologists, specialist nurses, palliative care specialists and oncologists, allowing each patient to have a ‘consensus treatment plan’ with immediate access to the best treatment available.

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Case Studies

COPD: Second opinion, second chance of life

Lisa, 41, started experiencing shortness of breath, and within months she could barely walk or talk. Read about how a second opinion literally saved her life.

Lung Laser for secondary tumours – a whole new lease of life!

Royal Brompton patient, Mr David Busby, 66 and a father of two, describes his journey through lung laser surgery.

Cancer patient given hope after life-saving surgery

Lung cancer patient Ivor Miller, 72, shares his experience of obtaining a second opinion after being told that nothing could be done to remove his tumour.

Carcinoid Tumours: Successful outcome for mother and baby

Katherine, 31, got a second opinion at RB&HH allowing her to have her baby at full term before receiving treatment for her lung tumour.