Tumour Ablation for Lung Cancer

At Royal Brompton, we are are able to treat some forms of lung cancer using bronchoscopy.  This usually occurs in cases where the  tumours are blocking off part of the main airways.

The suitability of this procedure to treat  lung cancer will depend on the type and location of the tumour and the way in which this appears on the CT scan.

Treatment can be carried out using a range of techniques. These include:

  • Diathermy/electrocautery: This involves using an electrical current to burn and remove the tumour from within the airways.
  • Cryotherapy: A freezing probe is applied to areas of abnormal airway, lung or tumour. The freezing process causes some of the tumour to stick onto the probe and this can then be removed from the airway.
  • Stent Insertion: This is where self-expanding metallic stents are placed to keep open a main airway.
  • Microwave Ablation
  • Targeted denervation

 Consultant linked to treatment

Location where service is offered

Royal Brompton Hospital

Harefield Hospital


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