City Guide to London

London is an exciting place to visit and be a part of. Not only does London have many different attractions and hidden gems to discover, but this is the most culturally diverse city in the world.

Discovering London

Every neighbourhood has something special to surprise and delight visitors from all over the world. What do you want to do in London?

  • Shop in one of London’s many varied shopping districts?
  • Find hidden treasures in London’s museums?
  • Immerse yourself in art at our galleries?
  • Enjoy a show at one of the West End’s theatres?
  • Discover more about London’s 2000-year history on a walking tour?
  • Visit London’s principal sights like the Tower of London or St Paul’s Cathedral?
  • Take a trip along London’s main artery, the River Thames?

To make life easier, and with limited time here, you may like to consider using a London Blue Badge Guide to show you around. For more information on what to do in London or to book a bespoke tour go to

You should know


The currency in England is pounds sterling £. Although we are a member of the E.U, we do not accept Euros as currency. Both Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals have on-site cash machines (ATMs).

Emergency services

The British emergency services telephone number is 999. Through this number, you can contact the police, fire service and ambulance service. This number can be dialed from any mobile phone or land line and should only be used in an emergency.


It is illegal to smoking in all enclosed public places and vehicles. This means you may not smoke in any restaurants, bars, airports, train stations or shopping malls.  There are no indoor smoking rooms in our hospital or anywhere else.  If you need to smoke you must do it outside and off the hospital grounds.


In the UK, we drive on the left. Be aware of which way traffic is flowing, especially when crossing roads.

Congestion charge

Vehicles driving in certain parts of London must pay a fixed congestion charge.  The congestion charge operates from Monday to Friday between 7am and 6pm daily. Certain days in the year are excluded from this charge, including weekends, British public holidays and Christmas day through to and including New Year’s Day. For more information on the congestion charge, please visit the Tranport for London website.


There are many private mini-cab firms in London and these can be booked by your customer service staff at the Trust or your hotel concierge. The most common and easily available taxi service in London is the London Black Cab. These are available at all airports and outside most hotels. They can also be hailed on route. You should know that on a black cab, if the orange light is on, the cab is available.

London Underground

Royal Brompton Hospital is served by a wide range of transport links. Our main Underground station is South Kensington (10-15 minute walk) and many buses also service the area.

The nearest underground stations to Harefield Hospital are Rickmansworth, Northwood and Uxbridge and there are a number of buses service the hospital via Uxbridge Bus Station.

Royal Brompton Hospital – our neighbours

Royal BromptonRoyal Brompton Hospital is situated in the heart of Chelsea in the Royal  Borough of Kensington & Chelsea.  The Borough is home to some of the most interesting and enjoyable attractions in London. The nearby King’s Road, Sloane Street and Kensington High Street offer high-end shopping facilities.  A 30-minute walk from the hospital is the renowned department store Harrods and a host of other shops and stores. South Kensington is home to some of the capital’s finest museums: the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum. West London puts many more opportunities for entertainment in its theatres, parks, shopping and tourist attractions within  your grasp.

Harefield Hospital – our neighbours

HHHarefield Hospital is situated in the village of Harefield just north west of London. Surrounded by fields and gardens, the hospital enjoys a tranquil and calming atmosphere. The village has local shops and a number of pubs as well as amenities amenities including convenience stores, pharmacy, bakery and post office. Located just a 20 minute drive from Heathrow Airport and only a 45 minute drive into central London, Harefield Hospital is an ideal location for world class medical care in a peaceful and natural setting.