Harefield Hospital expands private outpatients offering

The private outpatients team at Harefield Hospital have been busy. Private Patients Manager Gerri Hamer has been working with her team and the internationally renowned consultants of Harefield Hospital to increase the private outpatient service offering and meet the growing demand.

In order to accommodate more patients, Harefield hospital provides late night outpatient appointments during the week (5-9pm) and Saturday morning appointments for those that would rather a weekend appointment.. The extended hours appointments will be located in the Woodlands Pre-assessment Unit in the Maple Ward Corridor.

Harefield Hospital will also now offer its own Heart Screening Clinic designed to assess heart health and detect the early signs of heart disease. The screening clinic is based on the popular screening programme currently offered at Royal Brompton Hospital.

The screening includes a personalised assessment with either a consultant or cardiac specialist, including blood analyses and an ECG which measures the electrical activity of the heart. This bespoke screening service will
provide patients with the most suitable screening package based on their individual needs. A summary report, reviewed by a consultant, will be provided together with expert advice on managing risks or heart problems identified.

Launching in Autumn 2014, Harefield Hospital will offer a rapid diagnostics service for its patients and a dedicated GP booking service in order to book in urgent or high risk patients as quickly as possible. For patients experiencing chest pain, or other cardiac symptoms requiring non-emergency assessment, same day appointments will be available with our leading cardiologists.

For patients requiring a range of tests to help diagnose a heart or lung condition, Harefield Hospital private outpatients will offer same day or short notice appointments where all the tests can be done in one visit. Tests include Echocardiogram, Electrocardiogram (ECG), Chest XRay, ECG tape, CT scanning and Cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) tests amongst others.