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Respiratory factors and the importance of primary care in smoking cessation

Focusing on the long term implications of smoking on our respiratory system, CVD and diabetes and the substantial health benefits to stop.

February 2021

Type 2 Diabetes and Heart failure: A risk worth managing

Speaker: Dr Abethale Al-Hussaini, consultant general and interventional cardiologist

Focusing on the new medication guidelines for the diagnosis and management of patients with type 2 diabetes and heart failure.

February 2021

Paediatric Inflammatory Multisystem Syndrome (PIMS-TS) and COVID-19

Speaker: Dr Carles Bautista, consultant paediatric and interventional cardiologist

Focusing on PIMS-TS, an inflammation syndrome and the effects on the heart in paediatric patients after having COVID-19

January 2021

The latest guidance for primary care on lipids and blood pressure

Speaker: Dr Stuart Rosen, consultant cardiologist

Focusing on the role of primary care in the management of lipids and treatment goals in primary vs secondary prevention of ischaemic heart disease.

January 2021

Cardiovascular and respiratory complications of COVID-19

Speaker: Dr Alexander Lyon, consultant cardiologist, Dr Matthew Hind, consultant respiratory physician, and Dr Peter George, Consultant respiratory physician

Focusing on what GPs need to know about the management of long term respiratory and cardiovascular complications of COVID 19.

December 2020

Stable chest pain assessment role of cardiac CT as per NICE guidance

Speakers: Dr Tarun Mittal, consultant cardiothoracic radiologist

Focusing on the best use of cardiac CT and other imaging in patients presenting with stable chest pain as per NICE guidance.

December 2020

Congenital heart disease in a nutshell - and how to crack it!

Speakers: Dr Beverley Tsai-Goodman, consultant paediatric and fetal cardiologist

Focusing on antenatal screening for congenital heart disease and it's presentation at different times of a baby or child’s life.

December 2020

Everything you always wanted to know about arrhythmias and more!

Speakers: Dr Shouvik Haldar, Consultant Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist at Harefield Hospital, Chair of Education British Cardiovascular Society and Dr Diviash Thakrar, GPwSI in Cardiology, Hillingdon CCG Cardiac Lead.

Focusing on everything you wanted to know about arrhythmias from pacemakers to rhythm disturbances.

November 2020

Angina & Acute Coronary Syndrome 

Speakers: Dr Abtehale Al-Hussaini, Consultant general and interventional cardiologist

Focusing on management and diagnosis of patients presenting with angina and acute coronary syndrome.

November 2020

Arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy - the contemporary understanding

Speaker: Dr Antonis Pantazis, consultant cardiologist

Focusing on the diagnosis of diseases of the cardiac arteries, cardiac valves, myocardium and pericardium.

November 2020



Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy; diagnosis, genetics and management

Speaker: Dr Antonis Pantazis, consultant cardiologist

Focus on Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, with complex clinical manifestation and variable disease course.

October 2020


Cardiomyopathy: Left ventricular hypertrophy; Essential Hypertension

Speaker: Dr Antonis Pantazis, consultant cardiologist

Focusing on secondary left ventricular hypertrophy and one of its common causes, the essential hypertension.

October 2020


Heart failure update for primary care

Speaker: Dr Rakesh Sharma, Consultant cardiologist, clinical lead for heart failure

Focusing on understanding the pathophysiology of heart failure and implementing the latest NICE guidance.

October 2020


Not all cough is COVID

Speaker: Dr William Man, Consultant chest physician

Focusing on the differential diagnosis and management of chronic cough in adults with a Q&A following his talk.

September 2020


Redefining the management of mitral regurgitation: Transcatheter therapies

Speaker: Dr Ali Vazir, Consultant in cardiology and critical care

Focusing on common conditions such as heart failure and the associated risks of mitral regurgitation..

September 2020


Cardiology Arrhythmias - Topics GP's need to consider when managing patients

Speaker: Dr Wajid Hussain, Consultant cardiologist

Focusing on key topics in arrhythmias to help you navigate through the common presentations of palpitations and AF.

September 2020


Sarcoidosis and Interstitial Lung Disease in the primary care setting

Speaker: Dr Vasilis Kouranos, Consultant Respiratory Physician

Focusing on how to manage interstitial lung disease and sarcoidosis patients in a primary care setting.

August 2020


Women and Heart Disease - Biology or Bias?

Speaker: Dr Abtehale Al-Hussaini, Consultant respiratory physician

Focusing on women and heart disease, discussing the biology and bias in the management of women and heart disease.

August 2020


Treating exacerbating COPD in primary care & what to consider post pandemic

Speaker: Dr Jaymin Morjaria, Consultant in respiratory medicine

Focusing on the latest guidlines and consider the key differences between GOLD and NICE guidelines.

July 2020


Investigating arrhythmias from heart monitors to wearables

Speaker: Dr Shouvik Haldar, Consultant cardiologist and electrophysiologist

Focusing on how to investigate arrhythmias and the technology used to do so.

July 2020


The Sleepy Patient: What to do and has COVID changed things?

Speaker: Professor Michael Polkey, Consultant respiratory physician.

Focusing on how to assess a sleep patient, and taking a look at how COVID has changed things.

July 2020


Patient Talk: Cardiac Sarcoidosis in the Covid-19 era

Speakers: Dr John Baksi, consultant cardiologist, Dr Rajdeep Khattar, consultant cardiologist, Dr Vasileios Kouranos, consultant respiratory physician, Dr Rakesh Sharma, clinical lead for heart failure, Dr Kshama Wechalekar, consultant in nuclear medicine, Professor Athol Wells, head of the interstitial lung disease unit.  

Focusing on the challenges and implications of COVID-19 for people living with cardiac sarcoidosis

You can watch a recording of the session here

July 2020


Sickle Cell Disease & the Cardio-pulmonary System: What do I need to know?

Speaker: Dr Emmanuel Ako, Consultant cardiologist

Focusing on Sickle cell disease, a common inherited blood disorder, the disease’s pathophysiology with its common complications. How to best manage these patients in primary care, when to refer and what special advice to give for the COVID-19 pandemic.

June 2020

Covid-19 potential implications for primary care

Speaker: Dr Sundeep Kaul, Consultant in intensive care and respiratory medicine

Focusing on patient management in Primary Care and exploring what practices will need to look for during diagnostics and how to best support patients. Discussion of the increase in certain respiratory conditions and the implications of Covid-19.

June 2020

Sleep in Pandemic and Endemic COVID-19: Diagnosis and Management Strategies

Speaker: Dr Alanna Hare, Consultant physician in respiratory and sleep medicine

Focusing on patients presenting in Primary Care with anxiety and insomnia around the COVID-19 pandemic and discussions around direct sleep-related effects of the virus.

June 2020




April 2018

Dr Alanna Hare - Assessment of sleep disorders in primary care
April 2018

Dr Wajid Hussain - ECG interpretation in primary care
June 2018

Dr David Gareth Jones - Atrial fibrillation

June 2018


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