A computed tomography (CT) scan is a painless test which uses low-dose x-rays and a computer to produce detailed images of many structures inside the body, including the internal organs, blood vessels and bones.

CT coronary angiography

A cardiac CT scan takes pictures of your heart and builds a complete three dimensional picture of the organ. This enables the clinician to look for any heart problems including any clots using a dye, which is injected via a vein in your arm. The images allow us to see any narrowing or blockage of the arteries around your heart.

CT coronary calcification

A CT coronary calcification score scan allows us to quantify the presence of calcium in the coronary arteries and is considered a test that identifies patients at risk of having heart disease.

Lung CT

A lung or chest CT scan allows us to look at different levels of the chest and lungs and provides a more detailed picture than standard chest x-rays. This test can help find the causes of shortness of breath, chest pain or identify other diseases such as lung tumour, emphysema or tuberculosis.

General CT

Our team can also provide most general CT scans including reporting for: head and neck, extremities, and body scans including vascular imaging.


  • CT coronary angiography: From £1,228
  • CT calcification: From £497
  • General CT: from £921 for a one-part scan

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