An echocardiogram or ‘echo’ is a scan that uses ultrasound (sound waves) to produce pictures of the heart. An echo provides valuable diagnostic information about the structure and function of your heart that sometimes cannot be obtained through other tests.

We offer different types of echo examinations, as explained below.

Transthoracic echo

A transthoracic echo is able to provide information about the heart at rest. We can assess how well your heart is pumping and how well the valves are working. We can usually obtain a lot of other detailed information about how your heart functions. This is the standard type of echo and is sometimes combined with other types of echo in situations where very specific information is required.

Contrast echo

There are two types of contrast echos. The first involves injecting a contrast agent into your bloodstream, which shows up clearly on the scan and can help create better quality pictures of your heart. 

The other type involves injecting saline solution (salty water) into your bloodstream to create bubbles. These show the direction of the blood flow and can help a doctor diagnose if you have a hole in your heart.

Stress echo

During a stress echo, your heart is scanned before and after you perform some moderate exercise. This helps us to find the cause of the symptoms you experience during physical stress or exercise. If you are unable to exercise, some medication which helps to stimulate the heart muscle and blood flow, is given through an injection in your arm to simulate the effects of exercise.

Our team can also undertake carotid Doppler, complex congenital and paediatric echocardiograms – our customer services team can provide further information.


  • Echocardiogram: £524 (£589 with contrast)
  • Stress echo: £860 (£924 with contrast)

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