PET-CT and nuclear medicine scans and tests use small amounts of radioactive material to diagnose and treat a variety of diseases. We have extensive tests available, including rubidium cardiac PET scanning, which offers significant benefits over comparable scans.

Rubidium cardiac PET-CT scan

This scan utilises positron emission tomography (PET) and computed tomography (CT) to look at the blood supply to your heart using a small amount of a radioactive tracer, rubidium, which is injected into a vein in your arm.

This allows the doctor to view your heart under stress and rest, to assess whether there is any occlusion or shortage of blood supply. The key benefits of using this particular tracer are:

  • short one hour protocol in total (stress and rest)
  • reduced radiation burden to patients (approximately a quarter of the dose of SPECT tracers)
  • suitable for patients with high body mass index (over 35)
  • absolute myocardial flow quantification
  • imaging at peak of stress
  • improved diagnostic/prognostic accuracy
  • ability to perform CTCA in same appointment.


This scan involves an injection of a very small amount of radioactive tracer - similar to sugar - called fluorodeoxyglucose, or FDG for short.

This tracer is taken up by parts of your body which use more energy such as infection, inflammation or cancerous tumours.

There are no immediate side-effects and the distribution of the tracer helps your doctor to understand and diagnose any health problems you have been experiencing; this will then help them decide on further treatment for you.

Myocardial perfusion SPECT study

SPECT imaging provides a non-invasive way of measuring blood supply to your heart tissue using a radioactive tracer which can display ischemia (shortage of blood supply to the heart) or infarction (death of heart tissue). The information provided by the imaging will aid your doctors in deciding the best treatment regimen for you.


  • PET CT scan with rubidium: £2,375
  • PET-CT FDG scan: £2,625
  • Cardiac sarcoidosis package (rubidium PET and FDG PET scan): £4,045
  • SPECT Study: £1,197

We can undertake a wide number of nuclear medicine tests, please contact us for further details and a quote.

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