Leaders in collaboration

Since opening 77 Wimpole Street Outpatients & Diagnostics facility in summer 2016, RB&HH Specialist Care has been working to collaborate with select physicians through a new practicing privileges policy.

Asmall group of non-RB&HH consultants and GPs have been invited to treat patients at 77 Wimpole Street Outpatients & Diagnostics facility. Due to the success of this project, a more comprehensive practicing privileges policy has been developed and RB&HH will look to start allowing other consultants to use Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals private patient facilities as well.

Those currently invited to practice at 77 Wimpole Street include:

  • Consultants holding honorary contracts with RBHT (both cardio-thoracic consultants and also consultants with interest in other specialities)
  • Consultants who are recommended by RB&HH consultants from specialties where heart and/or lung conditions are associated as a side effect
  • GPs with either a specialist interest in cardiology or respiratory conditions and who have an existing practice and an excellent reputation

The practicing privileges policy was developed in order to maintain RB&HH’s reputation and ensure that consultants being offered the opportunity to practice uphold the Trust’s policies and level of practice is of a suitable standard.

RB&HH Specialist Care Honorary Consultants & GPs

  • Dr Sangita Agarwal, consultant physician and rheumatologist
  • Dr Farah Alobeidi, consultant neuroradiologist
  • Mr George Fayad, consultant ear, nose and throat surgeon
  • Dr Renee Kellerman, general practitioner
  • Dr Edward Leatham, consultant cardiologist
  • Dr Kinesh Patel, consultant gastroenterologist
  • Dr Jiri Pavlu, consultant haematologist
  • Dr David Silk, consultant gastroenterologist/
  • Dr Marie-Amélie Lebel-Laurencin, general practitioner