How long does it take for a statin to start working?

While your doctor might not call you back for your first cholesterol check until three months after you start the medication, statins can reduce cholesterol in two weeks.

Statins work by altering enzymes that are involved in making cholesterol and the receptors for the ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol, explains Dr Mahmoud Barbir, consultant cardiologist at RB&HH Specialist Care.

“We know they can make a significant difference in as little as two weeks but, as statins are a long term treatment, it’s better to measure results after a few months.” Exactly how much drop you get depends on the type of statin and dose. However, interestingly, a high dose doesn’t cause a significantly larger drop. “You get the biggest drop in cholesterol from the first 10mg of the dose,” says Dr Barbir. “That can cut it by about 30 per cent. Each subsequent 10mg adds 6-7 per cent to that.

Source: How long does it take (March 6 2018), Daily Mail, p. 45.