At Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals Specialist Care, we offer comprehensive treatment for private patients with cardiac and respiratory conditions – including physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy can help to manage long-term conditions and is particularly important for patients with cardio-respiratory problems. It maximises their functional ability, improves their quality of life, and helps them to continue doing the activities that they want to do.

What we offer

Our specialist physiotherapists complement other services and treatments at Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals Specialist Care. Physiotherapists offer a comprehensive assessment, advice and treatment for patients with a range of conditions such as bronchiectasischronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)interstitial lung disease (ILD)asthma or other breathing disorders.

Patients can learn important strategies to cope with symptoms like shortness of breath, and how to clear secretions. Our physios not only aim for patients to be more physically independent, but also to improve their quality of life.

London-based respiratory physiotherapist, Emily Lockwood, has worked at Royal Brompton Hospital for six years and offers treatment to private patients at home or at 77 Wimpole Street.

“My aim is to see a patient quickly – within a week after they are referred. I can spend a whole hour with the patient and can book a follow-up appointment later that week if needed. I have time to listen to them and build a rapport so they trust me,” Emily says.

Expert knowledge

Our private physiotherapists offer bespoke, personalised treatment based on the patient’s needs. Depending on the condition, treatment may consist of airway clearance, breathing pattern assessment and re-education, pulmonary rehabilitation or individualised exercise input.

“Patients are more relaxed when it’s a personalised program, rather than being in a group setting. It’s really beneficial,” Emily says.

Emily finds that her experience of working at a dedicated heart and lung hospital is valuable.

“Quite often, I see patients who have coexisting problems. For example, they may have bronchiectasis but could have had cardiac surgery in the past,” Emily says. “To have a knowledge of all of it is really important.” 

Wimpole Street

Emily has a weekly physiotherapy clinic for private patients at RB&HH Specialist Care’s outpatients and diagnostics facility – 77 Wimpole Street.

“Wimpole Street is an amazing facility and it’s a popular place for consultants to work. Being able to offer their patients physiotherapy treatment in the same location contributes to the holistic management of the patient.”

Alongside her clinic Emily offers a domiciliary service, to provide assessment and treatment in a patient’s home or hotel in London. Consultants tell her that “there is a huge need for physios going out to people’s homes.”

Ultimately, Emily says that “physiotherapy helps people to reach their goals.”

Patient case study

One of Emily Lockwood's patients, Albert*, has had COPD for many years. He was very unwell and spent eight weeks in hospital following re-occurring infections.

Albert received physio during his hospital stay, but it was limited in the community. Wanting to keep him safe and well at home, his family looked online and found out about private respiratory physiotherapy.

For over seven months, Emily has visited Albert at home every week. She helps him manage his symptoms with airway clearance techniques, and oxygen when he’s exercising. Thanks to this, he hasn’t needed to be readmitted to hospital.

Emily explains: “For patients who are old and weak, it’s difficult for them to have the strength to clear their airways. I can teach them techniques to make this easier and more effective.”

For the family, regular physiotherapy gives them reassurance. Albert’s daughter said: “Emily identified that some of the methods that Dad had been using were not appropriate, so it was ‘back to basics’ to develop an effective technique for him. As a family, we are very grateful to see Dad getting stronger.”

“Emily has been amazing as she specialises in respiratory conditions. She is patient, with a great work ethic. She plays a very important role in keeping my Dad safe and well.”

*name changed for patient's anonymity

Clinical specialist

Emily Lockwood

Respiratory physiotherapist