Our private patient facilities at Royal Brompton Hospital have recently undergone extensive refurbishment, with patient experience and safety at the forefront of the new design.

The refurbishment of Sir Reginald Wilson Ward, our 28-bed dedicated private inpatient wing, gives our patients modern facilities and first-class accommodation.

Furthermore, the addition of a new private patients’ reception on the ground floor of the hospital increases accessibility of our services to patients, whilst providing a peaceful and comfortable waiting area for patients during the admission process.

The ward has been transformed by a complete refurbishment throughout, including energy efficient lighting, wet rooms, improved ventilation systems, anti-slip flooring and full redecoration.

In order to improve the working environment of the medical and nursing teams on the ward, the nursing station and surrounding areas have also been redesigned. Operations Manager, Lindsey Condron comments: “The quality of care provided to our patients will continue to be of the highest standard, but now with the added benefit of better facilities and service.”


Private patient room on Sir Reginald Wilson Ward (left), private inpatients’ reception (centre), Artwork ‘Smoke and Mirrors 2’ by Ellie Davies (right)

Artwork for private patients

Throughout Sir Reginald Wilson Ward, you will find a number of interesting and thought provoking artworks by leading contemporary artists and photographers. Each individual piece has been carefully selected to enhance the healing environment.

Artists on display include Exposure Awards 2011 Grand Prize Winner, Michael Marten and his Sea Change collection, showing the study of tides around coastal Britain.

There are a number of works from John Hinde’s famous postcard collection; which depicts some of the nation’s best loved holiday destinations of the 1960s and 70s.

The area also features a series of prints and illustrations by Johnny Hannah, photographic artwork by Simon Terrill and Emil Charlaff and a unique sculpture, ‘Deep Twist’ by Matt Chambers.

Finally, a stunning image from The Smoke and Mirrors series by 2013 London International Creative Competition finalist Ellie Davies welcomes you to the RB&HH Specialist Care reception, whilst additional images from this collection have been displayed within some of the rooms.