RB&HH leads the way with innovative procedures and treatments for heart and lung disease. Here is the latestresearch from our team of expert consultants.

European Society of Cardiology highlights pioneering research and patient care at Royal Brompton Hospital

The European Heart Journal published by the European Society of cardiology and one of the leading cardiology publications worldwide features Royal Brompton Hospital as a ‘centre of excellence’ for cardiac care.

The report describes Royal Brompton as a “centre which prides itself on leading innovative research whilst providing first class care to patients.”

Consultant cardiologist Professor Martin Cowie explained: “We view ourselves as the first place to come to in the UK, and probably in Europe, for many innovations across the board of cardiac disease. If somebody is developing a new drug, diagnostic technique or procedure, we want to be the first into that space when it moves from animal work into first-in-man trials and early randomised trials.”

Funding for Pulmonary rehabilitation study

Dr William Man, consultant chest physician at Harefield Hospital has been awarded £346,500 for a randomised controlled trial to compare different ways of delivering pulmonary rehabilitation – a programme of exercise, education, and support to help patients with chronic lung conditions.

Funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) as part of their Research for Patient Benefit (RfPB) programme, the study will look at people with chronic lung disease who have been referred to receive Pulmonary Rehabilitation (PR).

The aim is to determine whether minimal equipment classes are as goo as those that use specialist equipment in terms of the overall effects on exercise capacity, breathlessness an quality of life for those taking part.

Trust’s research partnership aware £1.3 million

The Imperial College Academic Health Science Centre (IC AHSC)* has been competitively awarded £1.3 million to develop a National Institute for Health research London In-Vitro Diagnostics Co-operative (NIHR London IVD Co-operative).

The NIHR London IVD Co-operative is a centre which aims to develop new devices and tests to treat patients. It will bring together researchers and clinicians across the partnership to work collaboratively with patients in identifying where there is need for new diagnostic tests. The centre will also work with industry to improve the effectiveness of current tests and devices, and provide research on their impact.

*IC AHSC is a partnership of Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust, Imperial College Lonon, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust.


Professor Martin Cowie

Consultant cardiologist





Dr William Man

Consultant chest physician