Major investment in Royal Brompton Hospital will enable expert clinicians to continue providing world-class healthcare from new state-of-the-art facilities.

This investment - announced on 7 November - will secure the Trust’s position as the UK’s leading specialist centre for heart and lung disease. It will benefit thousands of current and future patients who receive lifelong specialist care for their complex conditions.

Further integration of pioneering research and teaching, alongside clinical care, will lead to innovations in treatment that directly improve the health of patients in the UK and across the world. An improved working environment, which supports the future growth of clinical activity and is able to respond to new technological developments, will help attract and retain the world’s top clinicians specialising in heart and lung disease.

Bob Bell, CEO of Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust, said: "Matching world-class clinicians with world-class facilities will undoubtedly benefit the patients who come to Royal Brompton Hospital from the UK and around the world for lifesaving treatment." 

"It will provide a hospital environment that supports innovation and cutting-edge research, to ensure continued and exciting advancements in the treatments available for heart and lung disease." 

The cost of improvements to Royal Brompton Hospital will be met through the sale of land owned by the Hospital trust and its charity near to the existing hospital in Chelsea. All funds generated from the sale of land will be reinvested in the new hospital to benefit patients.