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London’s renowned Royal Brompton Hospital has recently expanded its capacity for patients who require weaning from invasive ventilation. This complex service has drawn patients to the hospital from across the globe due to the expertise of the staff and the excellent facilities.

Observational studies have shown that the prolonged mechanical ventilation of critically ill patients is associated with clinically adverse outcomes and the need for subsequent rehabilitation. Judging the point where patients have sufficient respiratory reserve to make the transition to non-invasive ventilation requires considerable expertise and experience.

The process is a very complex and timely one that begins once a patient is deemed ready to wean. There are several options for decreasing support and a plan is developed based on factors including chronic conditions, previous level of function, as well as age. Occupational, physical and speech therapists will also be key support figures in the successful weaning process.

Royal Brompton Hospital's team of consultants, intensivists, therapists, specialist nurses and support staff provide the very best integrated care programme for patients who require this highly complex treatment.

Informal medical enquiries may be directed to Professor Michael Polkey or Dr Jeremy Cordingley, Director of Intensive Care.


Professor Michael Polkey

Consultant respiratory physician