Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals’ clinicians regularly travel to share their knowledge with hospitals and healthcare organisations around the world. Our commitment to working with international teams has led us to develop a close relationship with the Sabah Al-Ahmad Cardiac Centre in Kuwait.

Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals have always considered that sharing knowledge is one of the seven key values that shapes the Trust. That belief has led to partnerships with healthcare organisations both within the United Kingdom and across the globe. Our consultants and staff share their specialist knowledge through teaching, so that patients everywhere can benefit.

We have had developed a close relationship with the State of Kuwait over many years, treating over 1,000 Kuwaiti patients in our London hospitals over the last three years alone. In addition to treating patients, we have been working with the government of Kuwait to collaborate and learn from each other through a number of programmes including clinical fellowship and observership programmes, sharing best practice collaborations and our visiting doctor programme.

Partnership with Kuwait

Our consultants have been visiting hospitals in Kuwait for several years – to offer advice, training and take part in patient clinics. In addition, members of the senior management team from Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals Specialist Care regularly travel to Kuwait and have built strong relationships with these local hospitals, including the Sabah Al-Ahmad Cardiac Centre (SACC).

As a leading tertiary cardiac centre in Kuwait, SACC has collaborated on various projects with us since 2015. Our most recent collaboration is on a long term visiting doctor programme where some of our leading clinicians visit SACC in order to share their clinical knowledge and improve healthcare outcomes for Kuwaiti patients.

Visiting specialists

Right: Dr Al Hussaini
Above right: Dr Abtehale Al-Hussaini

Dr Robert Smith, consultant interventional cardiologist, Dr Abtehale Al-Hussaini, interventional consultant cardiologist, and Dr Raad Mohiaddin, professor of cardiovascular imaging, took part in the programme in 2018.

“I spent time working with the Sabah Al-Ahmad Cardiac Centre team on challenging cases and sharing some of the new approaches that we use at Royal Brompton Hospital,” said Dr Raad Mohiaddin.

During their visits, our consultants immersed themselves into SACC practice and helped clinicians develop their practice as well as attend to patients and give thought-provoking lectures to large audiences.

The visits have been hailed a success with the consultants being asked to return for follow-up visits. Although there for just a week, the contributions made by our consultants have been effective and lasting.

A number of further visits are already planned for early 2019. This programme has further strengthened the relationship between SACC and RB&HH Specialist Care and we look forward to partnering with them on future projects.

Ruku Bibi, business development manager at Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals Specialist Care, who coordinates the programme, sees great future potential coming from this partnership.

“We both have the same ambition – to provide patients worldwide with the best in cardiothoracic care,” says Ruku. “This partnership is allowing us to not only collaborate with a great hospital but to positively impact patient outcomes. We look forward to continuing this relationship.”