The majority of women in the UK never discuss heart disease, despite its status as the number one risk to their health, a poll conducted by the British Heart Foundation and Flora pro-activ suggests.

The survey revealed that 40 per cent of women were more likely to talk about politics than heart disease.

"The truth is heart disease is the single biggest killer of women in the UK and it kills three times more women than breast cancer," Doireann Maddock, the BHF’s senior cardiac nurse revealed.

For many people, the first ‘symptom’ of cardiovascular disease is a heart attack. If heart disease is diagnosed at the earliest possible stages, before symptoms develop, it can be successfully treated.

Early warning signs can include: chest pains, sweating, shortness of breath, neck and jaw pain, upper back pain, fatigue, indigestion-like pain or nausea.

Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals Specialist Care has created a heart screening clinic for women who wish to take steps to detect any possible concern at as early a stage as possible. This heart screening service takes just over two hours and can help save lives by detecting the early signs of heart disease.