Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals Specialist Care is the Hospitals' private patients unit. These guidelines explain how you can ensure your treatment is paid for.

Please remember, it is the patient's responsibility to make sure their hospital accounts are paid. Some insurers and sponsors may pay the hospital account directly.

How to pay

Please make all payments in pounds sterling (£).

You are welcome to pay by cash or by credit/debit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard and AMEX payments, however, we are unable to accept Diners. 

Personal cheques and bankers drafts should be from a UK account and made payable to ‘Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Hospitals' Personal cheques can only be accepted if received in advance, in time for the funds to be cleared.

If you would like to pay at one of our three locations, please speak to the private patients' reception staff who would be pleased to help you. If you need to make a payment over the phone, please contact us and have your card handy.

If you are not paying for your own treatment, we will invoice your embassy, company or private medical insurance company directly. We have agreements with the major UK insurers and some international insurers. 

Any queries?

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Payment methods

Patients paying for themselves will be asked to pay a deposit which is payable on or before admission. The deposit is based on an estimation of the expected cost of the treatment using the medical information provided at the time of booking. 

If a deposit hasn't been paid, it's not possible for us to admit you as an inpatient or outpatient.

Our finance team will keep track of your account, and you will be charged afterwards for your care and treatment. Outstanding accounts are reviewed regularly.

If you're an outpatient, then payment will be taken by the reception staff once all tests and consultations have been completed.

If you prefer to pay for your own inpatient treatment, we offer affordable fixed price packages for a number of inpatient treatments. This can help you to manage the cost of surgery and care while in hospital.

Firstly you will need to provide an up-to-date medical report or referral for review by an agreed consultant. This will determine whether you are eligible for a fixed package price.

Full payment of the package price must be made before admission. Payment of any extra charges will need to be approved before you are discharged from the hospital.

> Find out more about fixed price packages for self-funders

Patients can be sponsored for private healthcare by their nation's embassy. RB&HH Specialist Care has excellent relationships with a number of embassies in the London area.

Before any outpatient or inpatient treatment can occur, the patient needs to produce a letter of guarantee from your embassy. The letter must clearly state that the embassy agrees to cover the total cost of care and stipulate any exclusions to full payment.

If a patient is sponsored by a company, then patients need to supply an original signed letter from their sponsor clearly accepting responsibility for payment of their account.

Prior to the appointment or admission date, this letter must be received and agreed by the Trust. The Trust will only accept sponsorship from credit-worthy UK-based companies.

Medical insurance cover is a contract between patients and their insurer. If the insurer does not recognise the claim, then patients are ultimately responsible for settling their own account.

The Trust strongly advises that all patients to check their eligibility before admission, with particular reference to exclusions and waiting periods.

Prior to their appointment or admission, the patient should ensure that they provide the hospital with their membership number and authorisation reference.